11 November 2021

SUE Final Conference

How NGO’s and local sport organisations can be a champion of change in empowering women on decision making positions in sport?

On the 20th of November the SUE partners will organise the Final Conference in Warsaw. This will mark the end of the three-year partnership.

The Conference hosted by AKS Zły at Dom Braci Jabłkowskich  will start at 10:00 with an opening from the SUE partners. The conference will offer the attendees the opportunity of learning about the project’s results such as :

Speakers’ list includes high profile leaders from sport such as: Antonella Belutti, Dr hab. Julia Kubisa, Reyes Bellves and Nasia Georgiu. The panel discussion will touch on how local civil society organisations can work towards empowering women on decision making position in sport.

You can join us on the 20th of November by registering here.

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